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Post by Spudhike' on Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:17 am

Got Hit In The Eye!!!!!!
By: blackwater165 (FilAirsoft)


Last May 18, 2008, Sunday, I was hit by a bb on the upper corner of my right eyelid (very lucky indeed, not a direct hit on my eyeball) and the bb inserted in my lower eyelid. The bb was not detected at the time I was at the ER. It was only detected after 24 hours by my personal ophthalmologist. No damage on my retina but my vision is at present blurred and my eye is very red and swollen as though I was given a straight right hook.

This all because of a player by the name of Gedeon Garcia (most probably a newbie) who was adjusting the hop-up of his gun and carelessly (without thinking) fired his weapon at the wrong direction.

With this incident I have decided to quit my beloved hobby for 3 years now. It is very heart-breaking indeed.

Also, with this incident, I would like to appeal to the many gamesites to be very strict with gun safety. The mag-out rule (clear gun also for remaining bbs) could be implemented when gun is not in use (right after each game after getting hit, rest area, photo ops, etc.) just like a real gun. We should start to be professional in our hobby now and stop treating our airsoft guns as harmless toys!!!

P.S. Mr. Gedeon Garcia of Block 6 Lot 19 Batasan Hills, QC intentionally "did" something with his cellphone to probably avoid any responsibility on his part.

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