F/S: JG M4 S-system

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F/S: JG M4 S-system Empty F/S: JG M4 S-system

Post by Trex on Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:36 pm

I'm selling my unit for only 15k negotiable... 5 mnths ang Gun pero ang part bag.o pa kau.. Painted Zero Black.

F/S: JG M4 S-system 091020081568001di6

Upgraded Parts:

Aluminum Piston Head w/ Bearing
Element Polycarb Piston Body
SRC Spring Guide w/ Bearing
Madbull M120 Spring
JG Silver Cylinder Body
SRC Bronze Cylinder Head
Silicon Oring for Piston Head
CA 6mm Metal Bushing & Shims
CA Motor Pinion
King Arms Pistol Grip
JG Fixed Butt
Dboys Anpeq
Dboys Scorpion Flashider
JG Silver High Magnet Motor

* No time to play almost 2 mnths kng imo tingbon ang adlaw... BUSY WORK! :'(
*Needs Money for new PROJECT! Wink
*Hapit na mo Quit sa AIRSOFT! :-[

Tx Me or Call, coz i'm not online everyday...

Contact Person: Trex 0922-237-4684 / 0916-424-0587


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