Afoc Meeting last June 26, 2008

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Afoc Meeting last June 26, 2008 Empty Afoc Meeting last June 26, 2008

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AFOC Airsoft Tournament Sanctioning Requirements

Pre Tournament Requirements

Letter of Intent
Team Profile
List of Current Team Members
Inspection Proposed Game Site
Proposed Tournament Rules guidelines and other pertinent documents
List of Proposed Committee Membership and other positions
Contract of Lease or Letter of Agreement for use of Game Site
Title or Deed of Ownership for Proposed Game Site
Site Map and Layout of Proposed Game Site
Letter of Correspondence and Approval from the Barangay, Municipality or City
Letter of Correspondence to the local Police Station

Tournament Requirements(to be inspected by AFOC and PNP FESAGSS)

EMT Crew
Map and Telephone numbers of the nearest Hospital
Police and Security presence
AFOC Representatives
Compilation of all teams and players with corresponding Airsoft registration and PTTs

Post Tournament Requirements

Official Score Results
List of Awards Given
List of Individual or Team penalties imposed
Summary and Recap of Tournament


1) All applicant teams must submit a letter of intent to join AFOC and a list of team members and officers.
2) Payment of 1,000.00 pesos
3) Must attend regular monthly meetings for at least 8 times in a year.
4) Only club presidents or team leaders can attend meeting. If and when the team or club decides to send a representative then there must be a letter of endorsement from the team leader or president that the representative can decide in behalf of the group.
5) Member teams should actively participate in any AFOC activities and events.
AFOC member teams must constantly police their ranks and observe and inculcate to its members the airsoft manifesto
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